Diffu is a Free Software allowing authors to publish all kinds of texts or articles and to aggregate the reactions they generate on social networks, especially through such as , , , , , , ...

Diffu is a kind of free and federated alternative to or other applications that are not always easy to install.

More information about @Diffu on the mockup site

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hey, @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

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Hi @switchingsocial@mastodon.at What do you think about a federated aternative to Medium ? @Diffu will try to do that !

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@ayla Diffu is written in PHP and we want to keep it easy to install on a standard or shared web hosting (unlike Plume or WriteFreely)
Diffu is not a blogging platform (even if it could be used for that), it is a publishing platform open to activitypub account owners. Much more like PeerTube which is used to publish video because Mastodon doesn't allow you to do it, Diffu allows you to publish a long text.

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