Question to translators.

Which format do you prefer to use to translate an application ?

I wonder if gettext is still a good tools and if ICU is not too heavy ?

Both are available with


.po format will be implemented in
Is there a recommended free platform to manage translations or every one is able to request a pull with git ?


I don't recommend, but just know that some opensource software (MyPaint, Debian-Installer, Godot. OSMand, librapay, F-droid..) use weblate, a free software that can be selfhosted.

I recommend it, and as the maintainer of the yunohost package, I can help you configure and host it :*

@jibec @popolon cool weblate seems to be very user friendly. But I wouldn't like to install it. Having a full instance to admin to manage few strings to translate is not necessary. I think I will ask to open an account on weblate official hosting ( it could be free for open source/free software).
Or if someone is agree to host project translations ?? 🙄

@Diffu Yep why not :) you can ask for a hosted Weblate :) it's free for this kind of projects :)
@jibec @popolon


Well, are you afraid of the maintenance or about the cost of the server? Because installing yunohost on Debian is really really easy.

@Diffu anyway, use to have more visibility @popolon

server is not a problem, we manage several. But all are running ISPConfig to have a well-known and controlled environment. And python apps are not very welcome on this kind of platforms. And Yunohost is not compatible with ISPConfig

@Diffu There are many free and open source solutions.I'm currently using #Pootle on my own server and it runs great.You can see it at .If you can't selfhost it,I would allow you to use my server for free.Before I switched to Pootle,I used #Zanata but the project doesn't seem to be actively maintained anymore.After they had two very long server outages I've gone away but I think it's online again.Anyway I don't know how reliable it is right now.

@Diffu In my opinion, I recommend not use direct pull requests in any FOSS project :

- Hosting the translation in a platform allows the devellopers and community to view the advancement of the translation over all the languages. And from time to time, we can notify the translators to do more efforts in specific languages via the translation platform :)

#diffu #BestOfPractise

@Diffu More over, beyond this, a translation platform can host the strings to translate linked to screenshots of the project (UI) to add more context that can help translators to push better translations :)

#bestofpractise #diffu

@Diffu Finally, using .po files allows translators to download them offline and use dedicated software such as #poedit, #Virtaal, #Lokalize (KDE), #GnomeTranslate or even #gedit with a plugin.

#diffu #bestofpractise

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