I wonder which simple syntax I should use to embed a video, a toot, a tweet, a SoundCloud or whatever compatible with oembed on 🤔




Or something else you've already encounter with another markdown editor... I need your help

@Diffu The first seems to be too used (some command line argument syntax Command {arg1|arg2} )
For the 2 others, I have not really any opinion.

@Diffu Usually you fake it by placing the preview pic with a link
I guess there are some engines that do also a linkification (and oembedd / opengraph preview) for links of major platforms ...

@blub you're right but i'm looking for a simpler way to mark up an embedded content. I find this syntax too complex for a redactor.

@Diffu So if postpreocessing is in your hands, feel free to code an autoexpander for youtube ... links?

@blub it's exactly what I want to do. But I don't know if it's a good idea to try to convert any URL in a text. I would have a simple syntax.

@blub but maybe it's simpler to convert any pasted URL in embedded content, finally 🤔

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