To simplify installation, Diffu will propose several predefined settings depending on the goal of the platform. Afterwards, administrator will be able to change each parameter to adapt Diffu behavior to his/her needs. Here is a list of available predefined settings :
🔹 Personal blog
🔹 Friends platform
🔹 Team platform
🔹 Dedicated platform
🔹 Thematic open platform
🔹 Journalistic platform
🔹 Wide-open platform
🔹 Liberation platform

In this toot thread, details of each predefined settings...


Liberation platform (liberation)

The platform is open to every Fediverse account owner and to anonymous authors. Articles are automatically diffused on connected social networks with their author accounts if possible, else with a common account. Reactive moderation/pre-moderation and curation are active. Publication over Tor is also possible.

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