I think I will block this mailbox provider on my personal mail server... with an autoresponse explaining why
Thank you for this new argument

@randomdent Is it indeed the case ? It's been awhile I needed one, but I never noticed that. So, if we want to keep attachments, we have to download them manually ? And notify Google about that fact....

@jpfox Yeah, I am really thinking about the same. But I would like to provide an alternative way for people to drop me their mail (i.e. a self hosted forum, or so), but I didn't find "the good alternative", quite light to install and easy to use as an alt mailbox for senders.


that's true, it's necessary to provide an alternative way to keep a communication channel.
Generally, I already add some of them in my mail signature : riot/matrix address, mastodon and diaspora account, and my blog address which has a contact form.

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