J'ai vu plusieurs fois les Rita Mitsouko en concert, un bonheur total à chaque fois...

Et Catherine Ringer assure toujours autant en 2020, c'est comme ça 😁

I wonder if Rita Mitsouko is known outside France ?

@M0YNG 😁
Do you know a french singer or group (who sings in French) ?

@F1RUM I'm not sure they sing anything.
But they were the only French artist I could think of that I didn't also think of a song in English.

@M0YNG this is strange how English language has overriden all music culture over the world. I listen to many English songs but I think some French ones should be known worldwide because better than some English standards. I really don't know why it is not

@F1RUM it's a shame for everyone, I think.

I like Rammstein because it is not in English, I like HATARI because it's not in English ( is great for having multiple languages!)

I know a lot of people learn english by listening to music, and we miss out of learning (or even recognising) other languages because we just don't hear it much in the UK.
It's rare for a chart signle to be anything other than 100% enlish, and then it gets commented on and often joked about :(

@M0YNG I didn't know Hatari 😊

And even older French artists like Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, Barbara, Edith Piaf (la vie en rose), Alain Bashung, Jacques Higelin, Vanessa Paradis ?

@F1RUM @M0YNG It was World Music Day last week and a local musician from my home state Kerala was invited by the Alliance Francaise to make a few short videos. Here are they:


Come on, Jean-Pierre, is this a serious question? Les Rita Mitsoukou? 1986, The No Comprendo. What a great album! That was the year I finished school (and played the bass in a punk band - kind of). I always was some kind of a francophile but almost everyone seemed to love Rita Mitsoukou at that time. Great to hear they are alive and kicking in 2020.

@es0mhi oh, great ! I think it's in my top 5 albums over all time 🤩

Are there some well-known Estonian sungers? Unfortunately, I've certainly heard ones only at Eurovision 😁 (which is not very representative).


Well, that's an intriguing question that craves for an much deeper answer than a simple post allows.

But just to start the discussion: music, espescially singing is a very important issue when it comes to estonian identity - and not only since the "singing revolution". As a layperson I would argue that maybe the most important cultural contribution of Estonia lies in the musical field. I assume that everybody knows about the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. (I was even sure that he would be recognized as the most famous Estonian - until my (foreign) students convinced me it's Ott Tänak, a rally driver, even a world champion.)

When it comes to popular music things are not that obvious. There are all these different genres and the only thing that's obvious is that there are no Estonian superstars existing in this area. At some moment I was sure that Kerli would outstrip Lady Gaga in popularity - but (for several reasons) it didn't happen.

Are there any Estonian artists who are at a global level? (Not that that would be of any importance.) But, yes, defintely. Some years ago the band "Evert and the two dragons" got famous. And yes, this may not be our favourite genre, but still: "Hats off".

At the moment I would claim that estonian RAP music stands out the most. There is something about the estonian language that fits very well with RAP, I'm not sure if I could explain what it's all about. But listening to Nublu will be quite addictive - even if you do not understand a word.

Considering your background (Rita Mitsoukou) you might enjoy "Sõpruse Puiestee" - a band from the beginning of this millenium but somehow influenced by german indedepent music from the 80s. (They are one of my favourites. The track I link to means something like "I'm really glad that people are that beautiful and virtous" :-)

By the way: you mentioned the European Song Contest and that it's not represantitive. There may be an exception with Estonia here: we still take this contest very seriously - not that serious than 10 years ago though. But the artists sent to compete are usually well known and very well respected here in Estonia.

@es0mhi great post. I have to discover all these artists. Thanks

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