A dev watching a user test an application

@jpfox mort de rire comment elle le prend c'est trop drôle les névroses 🤪😂😂😂


Everything that the user did was logical...
A user is supposed to solve his problem, not the one artificially designed for him by the dev.
Everything actually fits in as it was supposed to do, so problem solved !

@jpfox I am laughing at a video of a person being tortured.

@jpfox sorry but I cannot stop laughing because it is so accurate


I'm no dev .. but this can be applied on my job too 😂

Another user: why not open the cap?

@meena @joschi @jpfox

And then somebody says, we got our tests automated and they run in a CI/CD pipeline ... But strangly enough the results in the runs are not consistent 🤣🤣🤣


@jpfox i'm crying

and i can't tell if it's from laughing or because i'm so upset because she's so upset or, like, all of the above

@jpfox That's exactly how my 2-year-old approaches these types of puzzles. It's a bit hard to explain why this is just a dirty hack... 🤷 if you didn't want everything to go in the square hole it should have been everything shaped, sa sa?

@jpfox This should tell you one thing, to maybe think outside the box?
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