@adele right! I'm sure toonme had not worked too much to get this portrait 😋

@adele you can try toonme.com
If you are on a mobile device, force desktop view to avoid app pushing, the site does the job.

look, it is a little mercury-ish client running on Mac OS 9.

I've implemented just the minimal happy path, but it works!

Done in couple lines of Revolution (aka LiveCode)

#mercury #gemini #SmallWeb

Join us for our Small Is Beautiful live stream this Thursday at 5PM Irish time.

Topic: web3 is bullshit (long live web0) and wtf is NodeKit?


#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #SmallWeb #web0

I've searched for Irish timezone... it's UTC in winter. Maybe, @aral you should have written UTC instead of Irish. I think everybody knows how to convert its own timezone to UTC 😉

SUTOM #12 4/6



À part quelques jeux de bagnoles il y a très longtemps, quelques parties de Age of Empire II , je n'ai pas souvenir d'avoir joué à grand chose.

J'adore ce type de répliques... Merci @Shaft et grand remerssoiement à @LovisIX 😂

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Le Mot (@WordleFR) #8 3/6


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