@mmu_man @jpmens "You need a Linux distribution as tmate utilizes linux specific features."

@dvl @jpmens yes, the APT URI scheme refers to the Debian packages :p

And yes, it probably uses Linux-specific calls that bypass the normal tty interface which is not meant to do this.

@Keltounet @dvl @jpmens there already were other tools doing the same, but IIRC they required a specific driver to snoop on tty. But maybe there's a similar scheme on BSD?


@Keltounet @dvl @jpmens it's just not standardized as part of POSIX.

@mmu_man @dvl @jpmens why bother to make macOS or BSD versions if half of it is Linux-specific?

@Keltounet @dvl @jpmens oh wait, no, I mixed up with ttysnoop-like feature, which allows to spy on already used tty from another one. tmate is just a tmux fork. :D

@Keltounet @dvl @jpmens indeed, and as I said this feature is OS-specific as not part of POSIX.

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