@Shamar @grainloom @mmu_man @hansbauer I'm a huge fan of Inferno and Haiku, personally.

A friend of mine has built some very cool stuff on 9front: http://ants.9gridchan.org/ .

@somem @Shamar @grainloom @mmu_man @hansbauer If it can speak 9P (I haven't tried Jehanne yet, it seems like it's bearish on 9P) or it can speak to stdio, it can talk to the grid. I personally have set up a hubfs shell to talk to FreeDOS from inside acme (it *technically* worked, but wasn't super usable, for Reasons), so it's almost definitely possible to do something. mycroftiv even ported some of it to LP49.

@p @somem @Shamar @grainloom @hansbauer I've seen some work around a 9pfs in QEMU but I didn't look into it, did you check this?

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@mmu_man @p@freespeechextremist.com @somem @grainloom @hansbauer

AFAIK Qemu exposes a 9pfs, but I never tried it, sorry...

@mmu_man @hansbauer @grainloom @Shamar @somem The way qemu's 9P support works is more of a driver that appears on the virtual network, I believe. Like it'll speak 9P to the guest OS, same as the SMB support. I could be wrong; I haven't used it, I usually just use the ethernet bridge.
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