Seriously, ?
Not only you went and implemented this DRM crap and now you're downloading non-free binaries behind our back???

@mmu_man @mozilla
Hot take: Firefox may be open source but it's not free software any more than Google Chrome.

* new kind of browsers needed *
time to replace js with lua
@mmu_man @mozilla

@hansbauer @jorin I wonder if NetSurf would accept support for <script type="text/lua"> :D

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tbh with JS to Lua transpilers kinda already existing, LuaJIT might be good enough for everyday browsing

but what if, What If!!! we just... don't put scripting into browsers.... and build better OSs instead

kinda what @Shamar is doing

@mmu_man @hansbauer @jorin @mozilla @Shamar

like, getting a new, majorly backwards incompatible technology accepted is always a big hurdle so why not fix the issue at the right level of abstraction and yeet the browser stack out the window together with bad kernels and userspaces?

if we always think about backward compatibility, we will be made eternal. slaves of the tech giants. better do something new and better.
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@hansbauer @grainloom @mmu_man @jorin @mozilla

An operating system don't need to be complex and large.

#Jehanne strives for #simplicity and it's small:

It's also a distributed #OS that derive from #Plan9 but diverges on important aspects: it's more radical and... more broken 😇

#9front is a serious distributed OS that is still small: it follows the "Worse is Better" design style, while Jehanne's style can be summarized a Simplex Sigillum Veri.

@Shamar @hansbauer @grainloom @jorin Haiku is a little larger but still not as huge as GNU/Linux :p

@Shamar @grainloom @mmu_man @hansbauer I'm a huge fan of Inferno and Haiku, personally.

A friend of mine has built some very cool stuff on 9front: .

@somem @Shamar @grainloom @mmu_man @hansbauer If it can speak 9P (I haven't tried Jehanne yet, it seems like it's bearish on 9P) or it can speak to stdio, it can talk to the grid. I personally have set up a hubfs shell to talk to FreeDOS from inside acme (it *technically* worked, but wasn't super usable, for Reasons), so it's almost definitely possible to do something. mycroftiv even ported some of it to LP49.

@p @somem @Shamar @grainloom @hansbauer I've seen some work around a 9pfs in QEMU but I didn't look into it, did you check this?

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@mmu_man @somem @grainloom @hansbauer

AFAIK Qemu exposes a 9pfs, but I never tried it, sorry...

@mmu_man @hansbauer @grainloom @Shamar @somem The way qemu's 9P support works is more of a driver that appears on the virtual network, I believe. Like it'll speak 9P to the guest OS, same as the SMB support. I could be wrong; I haven't used it, I usually just use the ethernet bridge.
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