Chromium has blacklisted nouveau on Linux, which is one of the most egregiously wrong moves they could make against open source and the health of the Linux ecosystem.

Tell them what you think via Remember to be firm in your convictions but polite with your complaint.

@lanodan @sir is there a publication somewhere? (git commit url?)


@lanodan @sir oh, so they're fine with blacklisting Nouveau, but not with Nouveau blacklisting them :D ROTFL

@mmu_man @sir @lanodan Have a look at the User Agent string in your browser some time. It's a convoluted mess, and there's a long history behind why it is like that. The above seems like an upcoming reboot of that old cat-and-mouse game.

@bamfic @mmu_man @sir $ curl -sSL | jq .version -r 2.5.0 (compatible; Pleroma 0.9.0-1798-ge26ef85b)

Oups. :D

@lanodan @mmu_man @sir HAHA "The past isn't dead. It isn't even past."
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