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- It's our first television set, dady just got it today,
- Do you have a television set?
- Of course, we have… two of them.
- Really?
- Oh he's teasing you, of course nobody has two television sets…

- Then tell me, future-boy, who's President in 1985?
- Ronald Regan.
- Ronald Regan, the actor?? And who's Vide-President, Jerry Lewis???

"Of course, the Enchantment under the sea dance, it's where they kiss for the first time!"

"Tell her that destiny has brought you together […] girls like that kind of stuff."

"I think a man should be strong […] and protect the woman he loves…"

"This is all wrong. I don't know what it is, but when I kiss you, it feels like I'm kissing my brother…"

"I'm sorry Mr McFly, I meant I was just starting with the second coat…"

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