@sophia let me tell you something. if you think i'm going to let you get away with spreading lies then you're wrong.

gmail isn't FOSS.

FOSS is stuff like microsoft edge and apple safari because they're free and let you open the source code of the website by clicking view source, makin them Free "Open (the) Source" Software - FOSS

@lynnesbian @sophia I firmly disagree. Here are the reasons why Gmail is #FOSS:
* No vendor lock in, you can send messages to people who do not use gmail
* No lock in in the UI either, you can use Thunderbird if you choose to and Gmail would still work
* Not only can you view the source code but you can also save it (Ctrl+S) and upload it to your cloud. Giving you the opportunity to have your own Gmail.
* It starts with a G, like GNU

All of this combined is more than enough to call Gmail #FOSS

@strider @lynnesbian @sophia ugh, ok, are you trolls or what?

There's a very strict definition of Free Software, as well as OpenSource, and so F[L]OSS as well.

And they include publishing the source code of the software.

What you see in the browser is the code of the pages that are generated by it, not its own code.


@strider @lynnesbian @sophia

saying gmail is FLOSS because you can view the html code is like claiming drawing around the shadow of a building is equal to its blueprint.

@disco @strider @sophia @lynnesbian yeah I'm 99% sure as well, but you never really know.
Or, maybe it's even a Turing-complete AI in disguise.

@mmu_man @lynnesbian @sophia @strider could be, but at first I was thinking "wow does someone really not understand this?" but then I read the whole thread and realized they're just meming.
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