The service manuals of old professional equipment are truly amazing, the schematics are shown in three different abstraction levels, every single connection is shown, waveforms at 100 different test points are drawn, every single component is listed, with step-by-step test and calibration guidelines. You can almost remove everything from the board and put it back together with a service manual.

Something that today's consumers can only dream of...

#retrocomputing #crt

@mmu_man My understanding is, sacrificing some serviceability is an objective outcome of higher integration, also, low reliability or even the lack of basic documentation is argued by some people as the fault of customers.

But I think bottomline that most people can agree is, manufacturers shouldn't actively stop someone from fixing it, or reporting your compatible replacement parts to ICE to seize them as "infringement" , or sending a team of lawyers to you. But unfortunately...

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