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#AtariSTe simple SD card reader via the extended joystick port, I made the driver using xbios functions hook up to simulate a drive, so you can browse your FAT 16 SD card up to 2Gbytes using bigdos directly from the GEM desktop ! youtu.be/2COG26-XjC0

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Well crap.

I wonder if we can do similar on the Amiga (:

Mind you, I um, don't ... I have a CF ... thing... I should stop now because I have enough projects I can't get to (:

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And, um, yeah, that's... I have a kanban board for a demo on my closet that's been there for 4+ years, a whiteboard behind me that I don't recall what 3 of the things are on it anymore, and I've got so many projects NOT in the todo.txt / orgmode things that I just ...

I stopped making lists when looking at them meant I had to write something to organize them, and the depression.

@Truck @mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @_Adoru_ the extended joystick ports on Atari STE act a bit like GPIO ports so that's why you can make something like that. But it won't use any DMA, it's all on the CPU. Advantage: cheap, drawback: slow.

On ST it's better to use an ACSI-SD adapter like the UltraSatan. But it's a bit more expensive (~80€).

@mmu_man @Truck @zwangseinweisung @_Adoru_ and actually I ordered a CosmosEx for the Falcon compatibility, because since it doesn't have ACSI ports I had to use a CF-IDE adapter.

But then the Falcon-formatted CF card is not compatible with PCs, so it's a dead-end to swap data between a PC and a Falcon.

@fenarinarsa @Truck @zwangseinweisung @_Adoru_ hmm, why is that? Is it just the swapped words?
I don't know on Windows but on Linux there are a lot of ways to access it.
At least you can dd conv=swab to copy the image. And probably with qemu-nbd or nbdkit we can have a filter.

@zwangseinweisung @Truck @_Adoru_ or just write a filter for NBDkit.

Oddly enough my article about data recovery and how to write filters for NBDkit should be published next month in GNU/Linux Magazing France… @fenarinarsa may want to have a look at it 😉

@fenarinarsa @zwangseinweisung @Truck @_Adoru_

There you go, works fine!

Now you have one more reason to use GNU/Linux.

(But maybe the nbd driver would work in WSL2 ?)

Hmm, didn't I have many other more important things to do?

@zwangseinweisung @mmu_man @Truck @_Adoru_ I use HDDRIVER on Falcon. But you can't boot the Falcon on a CF card with the "correct" IDE little endian order.

So basically you need to make a PC-incompatible CF card in order to make it bootable on Falcon.

@fenarinarsa well, my main system is a firebee for a few years now and my other atari stuff (multiple st(e)s, tts and falcons (even a ct63) ) are stored away in a storage box. cant test it right now because it works with the firebee

@mmu_man @Truck @_Adoru_

@mmu_man @fenarinarsa @Truck @_Adoru_ or, you could use the image with hatari or aranym whithout the stress to byte-swap

@fenarinarsa @mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @_Adoru_
Bah. I still want a Falcon (:

But I don't have room for it, especially NOW, so... I'll just deal with NOT having a falcon and having an Apple ][ (:

@Truck @mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @_Adoru_ Note that most of time, the fact it doesn't use DMA won't really be an issue, since there is no multitasking on TOS/GEM (every disk access is a sync call). But for this demo, well.. I used the DMA to parallelize the loading of data ;)

Actually the disk DMA is very fast and takes priority over the only other DMA access, which is the ST's blitter.


@zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @mmu_man @_Adoru_
I need to get a MiSTer ... like... soon (:

Fun fact: Bad Apple is not a Demo (:
( youtube.com/watch?v=joXyj0q3LF , for some reason I can't get this to show up on invidio.us ... )

(I assume all of y'all will be watching Outline with me this weekend? I'm sure there will be some very interesting ST things released there, I hope to see some MSX too (: And _maybe_ someone will do an Amiga thing, even though it's sort of silly to do that (: )

@Truck @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_


"Welcome to outlinedemoparty.nl
To change this page, upload a new index.html to your private_html folder"

@mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_ Yeah, Shifter is saying it's a known issue with the ssl certificate (and he's likely tired of telling Havoc or someone to fix it, since he works in that field and they don't (: And he likely has NOTHING to do with it.)

But it will be on twitch, and it starts at 11:30 your time, "Shots with Okkie & Shifter" which should be fun. Dipswitch starts playing music (likely dub) at 12:30 . (This is from the schedule posted earlier elsewhere, and people said "check the website" and now it's the ONLY place with the info (: )

SHOULD have the name of the twitch channel soon (:

@mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_

Well, in the Netherlands, this whole weekend is time off, so ... it starts tommorrow (: Finland just had today off. Not sure what you do in France (:

I have a meeting before that, and after, so... I'm going to be mainly LISTENING, but I will be on twitch via irc. (And I'm using streamlink to get the audio-only stream and listen (: )

@Truck @fenarinarsa @mmu_man @_Adoru_ i know the origins of bad apple.

do you have any sources about the outline this weekend?

@zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @mmu_man @_Adoru_
I do.
Havoc is the organizer, as usual... and yes, the website USED TO WORK (:

OK! Twitch stream will be 'outlinedemoparty' (:

@Truck @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_ I guess the only answer to this would be an ORIC Bad Apple… 😅

@mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_
NO. And I am NOT going to ask Dbug to do that (:

(Sadly, I wont see Dbug this summer ): Haven't seen him for a few years. But I _do_ have an Oric! (: )

@Truck @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_ yeah I recall seeing it on your last live.
Well, I could probably do it on ORIC but it'd take me a few years.

@mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_
Given that Dbug's toolkit is basically windows only, yeah.

I have ... wanted it not to be, but... well, he DOES do development mainly in Windows (if he is still at Funcom, which I _assume_ he is.)

Personally I think that's half the reason he's the only one doing ORIC demos, but... well, that may also be partially because one of the other major people who did them passed away a number of years ago (Twilite, who gave me my ORIC.)

@Truck @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_ no no, I fixed it for Linux long ago, but I never took the time to package it, so I'm basically the only one using it :D

@mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_
The whole thing is a huge joke because of my little rant on PS' "Mystery Demoscene Theatre 9000" one day about how I feel about Bad Apple being used in video players and submitted to demo compos.

A few years ago at Outline someone submitted a really good video player for native ST, but it was as a VIDEO PLAYER, not a demo. That I'm fine with! "Hey, I made a really good video player! Play videos with it!"

But ... you know. "Here's a demo, and I didn't even make my own content" ... bah! I am not a fan (:

I am apparently in the minority here (:

And thus, the new Bad Apple, with Truck images and Comic Sans and ... yeah. It was a huge hit at Vortex (: People were a BIT upset they couldn't see me react to it on a livestream, though (:

@Truck @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_ I'll suggest we have a separate "Bad Apple" category at next Alchimie 😄

@Truck @mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @_Adoru_ The way I see it, Bad Apple is more a benchmark than a demo. At least my version was initially a benchmark of the ST's HDD speed.

It was shown in the demo compo because the sillyventure team put it there, but any other compo would have been fine with me.

@fenarinarsa @mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @_Adoru_
I'm fine with it being a benchmark! In fact, that's a pretty decent benchmark... though of course someone might try to fiddle with compressing the data to gain speed that wasn't there, not that anyone has ever done that (early windows graphics cards, VW emissions tests, I'm SURE we can find tons more (: )

But, all these "demos" that have been done for other platforms saying "I made a demo!" and then they don't make another one, and... bah!

Anyway. I said my piece, and people listened, and maybe some agree, and maybe some don't, but so long as people are CREATING things I'm happy.
(overall (: )

@fenarinarsa why should I? I can't even code in assembler ( i know enough to write hello world in c but thats it). aren't you ambitious enough to fix this? 😉

@Truck @mmu_man @_Adoru_

@zwangseinweisung @Truck @mmu_man @_Adoru_ I don't have a MiSTer. But that the issue ssems to more to lie in MiSTer than in my code. It's working on any real STE or Mega STE :)

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