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#AtariSTe simple SD card reader via the extended joystick port, I made the driver using xbios functions hook up to simulate a drive, so you can browse your FAT 16 SD card up to 2Gbytes using bigdos directly from the GEM desktop ! youtu.be/2COG26-XjC0

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Well crap.

I wonder if we can do similar on the Amiga (:

Mind you, I um, don't ... I have a CF ... thing... I should stop now because I have enough projects I can't get to (:

@Truck @mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @_Adoru_ the extended joystick ports on Atari STE act a bit like GPIO ports so that's why you can make something like that. But it won't use any DMA, it's all on the CPU. Advantage: cheap, drawback: slow.

On ST it's better to use an ACSI-SD adapter like the UltraSatan. But it's a bit more expensive (~80€).

@Truck @mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @_Adoru_ Note that most of time, the fact it doesn't use DMA won't really be an issue, since there is no multitasking on TOS/GEM (every disk access is a sync call). But for this demo, well.. I used the DMA to parallelize the loading of data ;)

Actually the disk DMA is very fast and takes priority over the only other DMA access, which is the ST's blitter.


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I need to get a MiSTer ... like... soon (:

Fun fact: Bad Apple is not a Demo (:
( youtube.com/watch?v=joXyj0q3LF , for some reason I can't get this to show up on invidio.us ... )

(I assume all of y'all will be watching Outline with me this weekend? I'm sure there will be some very interesting ST things released there, I hope to see some MSX too (: And _maybe_ someone will do an Amiga thing, even though it's sort of silly to do that (: )


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"Welcome to outlinedemoparty.nl
To change this page, upload a new index.html to your private_html folder"

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@mmu_man @zwangseinweisung @fenarinarsa @_Adoru_ Yeah, Shifter is saying it's a known issue with the ssl certificate (and he's likely tired of telling Havoc or someone to fix it, since he works in that field and they don't (: And he likely has NOTHING to do with it.)

But it will be on twitch, and it starts at 11:30 your time, "Shots with Okkie & Shifter" which should be fun. Dipswitch starts playing music (likely dub) at 12:30 . (This is from the schedule posted earlier elsewhere, and people said "check the website" and now it's the ONLY place with the info (: )

SHOULD have the name of the twitch channel soon (:

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Well, in the Netherlands, this whole weekend is time off, so ... it starts tommorrow (: Finland just had today off. Not sure what you do in France (:

I have a meeting before that, and after, so... I'm going to be mainly LISTENING, but I will be on twitch via irc. (And I'm using streamlink to get the audio-only stream and listen (: )

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