"Demomaker The years

This book reflects the making of the best demos made on Amiga from 1984 to 1993"

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@mmu_man Hmm, I'll have to ask Reward how that interview and all that went down... because this phrase bothers me:

"Demos and the demoscene started with the advent of the Apple computer at the end of the 70's and really reached its peak with the Commodore 64, the Amstrad, the Amiga or the Atari ST. "


"This book will be written from the perspective that the demoscene is no longer relevant, and nothing that was made post 1994 matters."

This would be... well, I'll buy a copy perhaps...

Also the whole "don't know how to make a webpage that isn't blank when it loads, until you allow a whole lot of places you don't know to send your computer crap" - I don't know. Sure, it's a crowdfunding site, but it doesn't seem like the author actually wants to present the demoscene - it seems like maybe he wants to cash in on nostalgia.

@mmu_man My contribution id id #103 ...

so I didn't buy a copy but I funded a possible copy, and, yeah, I'm ok with that. I may not like the result but hey, who DOES like the results of books they don't write themselves about their own history?

(And who likes books (or demos) (or programs) (or things) they write themselves, they're full of mistakes and it's not good enough and "etc and etc and etc" (: )

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