Short on disk space and have & repos?

$ git fetch --all --prune
# drop all removed upstream branches. (you may want check them, if you want to keep them they are still listed as dangling commits by git fsck before you gc)

$ du -sh .git && git gc --aggressive && du -sh .git
13M .git
6.5M .git

# for svn:
$ du -s -h .svn && svn cleanup && du -s -h .svn
1.5G .svn/
785M .svn/

# on a virtualbox svn checkout it saved 700MB.

cc @sebsauvage @climagic @Siltaer

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@Siltaer @sebsauvage @climagic hmm you want to prune branches first, less data usually compresses better 🙂
Just, once you GCed the commits they had are lost.
Also, on big repos --aggressive can take up all RAM & swap for an hour, so basic gc can be enough for them.

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