Ugh, @GitHub waking up, reminding me that I already had a fork I forgot about.

Sorry but no, erasing it and forking again is *not* an option, this is rewriting history to please @RIAA. 😠

I did nothing wrong, nor @YouTubeDLTeam. Just put it back and I'll push to it.

And it's specially ridiculous considering I didn't push to this one for years and it only has like 1 commit from me.

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@a7 @GitHub the primary repo yes, but everyone who forked it had their own repo locked up as well.
And they don't want to put them back without the "fixing" commit that removes the "precious RIAA material".

@a7 @GitHub so they asked us to either remove our fork and redo it, or have a complex procedure to republish it and make sure we push the "fixing" commit.

@mmu_man @GitHub I mean it’s just a couple test downloads, seems like a pointless fight doesn’t actually effect the functionality their removal. But ya I guess the riaa is kinda gay.

@a7 @GitHub well yes the RIAA is just a dangerous lobby 🤷

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