Btw, we still need one or two volunteers for the devroom at

We still need hosts (for Q&A and chat moderation) for these talks:
- the welcome talk,
- , a modern protocol that looks retro
- Scan2Run - Reviving old listings in MAME emulator
- Why your PC only has sixteen colors

ok, one last talk in need for a host (Scan2Run)…

@mmu_man j'peux ptet aider mais j'ai des pb de bande passante

@usul c'est bien d'avoir un backup quand-même 🙂

@mmu_man j'ai des truc a filer au miod quna dil passe diamnche apres midi, j'y pense emain et je te fait signe.

@mmu_man I think I can host the #gemini one! What would my commitment look like? (:


you'd have to watch the talk in advance so you know what's inside, possibly have one or two questions in reserve, then after the talk you'll read the questions from the audience in the matrix channel to the speaker. 30s before the end of the slot you announce the next talk, and you need to moderate the talk's channel (it simulates the hallway discussions).

You need an pentabarf account:

@mmu_man yep! Can do! I’ll make an account tomorrow—when is the talk? Is there somewhere I should go on the net to prepare myself and find out more?

@vidak would be nice to have it tonight so you get the invites for the Matrix channels.

The speaker guide has some hints:

@mmu_man okay! Account made! The username is ‘vidak’, and I filled out all the details.

@vidak thanks, I added you as host, you should see the talk in your events list, from there you can watch it from either the review or final version link.

@mmu_man thanks so much. I found the video, and I now know the talk is at 1500, UTC+1, on Sunday (:

@vidak btw, did you get the invites to the Matrix channels? Can you join us?

@mmu_man hey! where was i supposed to have received the invitation to the matrix channels?

thanks (:

@vidak on your mail… if you're logged into Matrix you should also have it… if your matrix account matches your mail.
Else tell me which account you have to add it in pentabarf and link to it.

@mmu_man okay, all sorted, i logged into matrix and the invites were there (:

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