@mmu_man @fenarinarsa @strider @striker Hmm, that inflorescene capture may ...

I will see if I have the original lossless recordings still.

(The MFX Noise trilogy really needs to be done with _no_ compression, it just... isn't going to work otherwise (: )

@striker nan y a beaucoup de trop de trucs dedans 😛

@mmu_man @Truck @fenarinarsa @strider @striker Really cool! Welcome to #demoshow:hacklab.fi on Matrix - I added a bot that send notifications on new uploads to that room. If you know any other demoscene Peertube channels, let me know!

@Truck @mmu_man @fenarinarsa @strider @striker I added the Demoscene channel to the RSS bot, the more the merrier! I'd also like to write a search command to a bot to easily find specific demo.. video.hackers.town/video-chann

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