Just in time for , my own video:

AAUI2AUI adapter cable presentation


(yes I'll put it on PeerTube as well)

Ok, these slide-locks finally arrived… and of course they don't exactly fit this plug perfectly without some work.

And I did have to shave part of the shell to fit as well.

They aren't that effective on some transceivers, like on this Accton one, it barely retains it, so not entirely sure they are worth it (specially since I thought the price included VAT on digikey but then UPS bills you 15€ just to collect the VAT for the gov… that's racket)…

Ok so I ended up soldering some parts together to make it easier to assemble the connector, because the slide-lock is meant to be mounted on a PCB connector…

First the nuts are soldered on this little plate that came with the connector… I used some toothpicks to help align the parts.

Then the connector itself, it needs one of these washers to get the slide-lock to align with some of the transceivers.

Here I used some skewers and toothpicks to align the washers with the monting holes when soldering.

And today I decided I could finally spray paint those connector shells because it was >15°C and not too windy…

I had the brilliant idea of holding them with cut toothpicks on a styrofoam sheet… 🙄

…which turned out not so brilliant because the solvents in the paint just dissolves it 😅

And of course after the first job the wind threw half of them away.

So I just reverted to having them lying on the cardboard directly.

So some have marks from touching the styrofoam, others had too much paint and it started to form drops but well…

Not too bad considering it's my first ever attempt at spray painting.

Started trying to glue the DC-in jack into the shell…

Ok, after 10min the UHU Plast doesn't hold at all.

I guess it doesn't work on Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) (UL94 V-0), which is what the barrel jack is made of. The shell itself is ABS which is fine for it… but it's visible it doesn't alter the surface of the jack (I did sand it a bit on purpose to have it stick more).

UHU Creativ doesn't work much better, but that was expected…

I'll have to get some Loctite 401 it seems.

I think I found a way to avoid gluing the jack itself… by reusing the leftover parts I've cut from the DA15 shell.

Yeah, don't throw away those bits and pieces, you never know when you're gonna need it.

Since it's ABS over ABS the UHU Plast should bond that quite well…

It's already solid enough I can plug a jack in and wiggle around without breaking it or pushing the connector out of it's place.

Now that I have the thermal transfer tape, let's wrap this all properly.

First, some kapton to insulate the rest.

Then the thermal tape around the step-up board…

And then we add the copper shielding around. This piece was too short to bridge it to the DA15 metal casing so I'll have to add some more…

But before that let's check the temperature… around 41°C.

Now let's bridge it to the connector shield.

The temperature drops by about 2°C with the copper bridging, not that great but well.

Now we can assemble it all with the slide lock.

The two parts of the shell have some slight gap near the screws holding the slide-lock, but that's ok.


Yay, let's put some stickers on it!

Laser-printed on transparent sticking sheets.

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