Ok , we need to talk!

cc @linakhanFTC @vestager @fighttorepair @linusgsebastian @Anjyoun @doctorow @eff @gassee @quota_atypique I'd love to see your comments on this.

cc @nvidia but I don't expect you to understand this.

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@MedBel oui enfin là c'est plutôt lattez-les que la télé…


Le tacle à Nvidia à la fin du tweet original...

@mmu_man It's such a shame. Old Thinkpads used to be so good. Before using one I thought Trackpoint (nub) was not for me. Now I can't live without it. And their keyboards were so good. I can type all day without getting tired.

I honestly think they never should've changed their track. At least one company needs to build stuff for engineers.

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