@cwebber thanks for the warning, I'll steer clear of those applications.

Oh, wait, I'm on KDE, and so I am already unlikely to use them. Win!

@cwebber also:

Stop Writing Apps That Go Out Of Their Way To Be Obnoxiously Difficult To Theme And Package

(apps are not websites; npm is not a model to follow and replicate)


@rysiek @cwebber and Docker is not an installation manual.

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@doofus_canadensis @mmu_man @cwebber as a sysadmin I do find docker useful, as I can *very precisely* set in stone specific versions of libraries and dependencies and create a *very reproducible* deployment.

Which means if there are bugs, at least I don't have to cycle through a bunch of versions of dependencies. I *know* what's in that affected image. And I can pin-point the problem.

But that's a very specific use-case.

Controversial opinion 

@mmu_man @rysiek @cwebber
Docker-compose *can* (not DOES, but CAN)
Ive found docker compose setups that give me far better control and understanding of a software than the software provides itself.
Not to take away from the original intent, but docker compose can make the indecypherable manageable.

Controversial opinion 

@xorowl @rysiek @cwebber it depends.
For example, the other day I wanted to install something, and the docker-compose had a postgres container, with the env entry POSTGRES_HOST_AUTH_METHOD: trust … except I searched for two hours how to get do that in the manual install (appending "host all all all trust" to the config file didn't work since it must come first).

Controversial opinion 

@mmu_man @rysiek @cwebber oh yeah absolutely.
But i look at basically everything the linuxserver.io touches and i see people making stuff easier.

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