(and no, the gopher support is not merged in NetSurf because the devs don't want this, but maybe someone can convince them)

> Feel free to adapt this to #Gemini ;-)

Well gemini has no images, so RIP.

@lanodan "some clients like Lagrange can expand images inline."

(it's exactly what I did in my gopher branch for NetSurf, with a limit because some servers don't like this)

@mmu_man True, I just tend to not consider Lagrange a proper gemini client.

Sadly the gemini protocol is quite horrible when it comes to things like caching and multimedia.

@lanodan @mmu_man

> I just tend to not consider Lagrange a proper gemini client.


@dalz @mmu_man It's full of things that go against what Gemini stands for, specially the one page one request thing, it's a bit weird they didn't try to just do another protocol instead.

@lanodan @mmu_man disagree, if you're referring to inline images nothing is loaded until you click on the link, and it *is* part of the gemini philosophy that presentation is up to the client. Skyjake refused to implement favicon.txt (github.com/skyjake/lagrange/is) so I think he cares about this. I concede that Lagrange is quite complex for gemini software standards though.

@dalz @mmu_man Oh that's interesting… probably mistook it for another gemini browser (that definitely tried to add favicons and had inline images).
@mmu_man This thing is awesome!
btw. Has someone already made a gophermap pun?
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