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The other side of the patch job… Seems they even added resistors to load the power supply some more!?

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Hmm I did clean it up and recap last December, and now I get some of this green stuff back… Maybe I shouldn't have put WD40 on it after the cleanup 🤔

Let's rub that with some IPA and leave it dry up properly in the sun!

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Measuring the frequency of the system quartz in my LC-III… Seems to me closer to 31MHz than the 33MHz mentioned in the docs… but this oscilloscope is old anyway.

Euh on a le droit d'en savoir plus *avant* de refuser ou même avant d'accepter eBay ou pas ?
Marre d'être pris pour un con… 😒

Ok, this G4 MDD has seen better days…

Optical drives cable is broken.

Oh, what's this bodge job under the CPU?

Anyway, it doesn't start at all, power button lights up and fans spin but that's it.

Tried PMU reset, re-seating the CPU card…

je taxerai à 100% les plus values sur les vieux ordi, car c'est inadmettable ce racket !

"Configuration issues…"

Yeah, that's a recuring problem for at least two decades: Windows is considered the normal state, and removing it is an "option"…

Vendors are mostly still complicit of the MS monopoly, sadly. cf.

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1 (one) platform supported in EU?

I don't really see how others could be "supported" in the US but not in the EU… 🤔

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"And you people are astronauts… on… some kind of star trek ?" <3

Where did I put this… Ah here is my @adafruit FTDI Friend!

Now let's see if this LCD screen reports anything on the UART or if I'll have to test the backlight for faults myself…

"NOT SUITABLE FOR LAPTOP USE"… mon cul oui, il marche très bien avec un adaptateur USB ce disque sorti du Freebox HD…

C'est du bon vieux XFS dedans, et les fichiers enregistrés mais pas dispo en FTP sont dans un dossiers ".private-records", et tout à fait lisibles.

Ce qu'il faut pas faire pour juste récupérer ses données…

Malheureusement cd .private-records marche pas en FTP donc faudra rouvrir la prochaine fois.

Même pas eu à arracher l'étiquette, elle s'était déjà décollée toute seule 😅

Close up of the parts I replaced :
- 1L0380R
- 470µF 10V 85°C (I had a 105°C to replace it, even better).

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Ok let's see if it loads a tape… Yeah!

Someday I should watch this ST:NG episode 🤔

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