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I really think the #GPL has some sort of PR problem.

I mean that, I have never heard a single person ever utter that the creative commons share alike license is too aggressive or too viral.

However that is pretty common with conversations around the GPL.

This might extend to the #GNU Project and the #FSF too.

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Insights on the claims about a "decline" in use of the #GNU GPL:

Ehh, #Ubuntu seems less and less stable with time -- more and more weird crashes and hangups. Ubuntu, you used to be cool!

Anyway, looking for a rock-solid, stable, but not ancient (yes, we do use Debian... on the servers) #GNU / #Linux distribution for non-techies.

Suggestions welcome!

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2 bonnes nouvelles pour aujourd'hui :

- D'abord la nouvelle version de Gnome (3.26) vient de sortir aujourd'hui en stable. Un petit résumé des nouveautés ici :

La 2ème bonne nouvelle c'est que nous venons d'atteindre la barre des "700" followers, c'est donc pour l'instant le record parmi les comptes Mastodon dédiés à une distrib GNU/Linux.

#gnu #linux #ubuntu #canonical #gnome #ubuntufr

And, a round of applause for Damian Miralles & Kevin Gentile #gnuradio and Juan Manuel Guerrero #gawk for assigning their copyright to the FSF, helping to keep software free! #GNU
Thanks to Ruskan Kabatsayev and Toshinobu Sugioka for assigning their GDB copyright to the FSF! #GNU
Thanks to Adam Porter, Andrew Moore, Bart Bakker, Matthew Justin Bauer, and Jay Kamat for assigning their #Emacs copyright to the FSF! #GNU

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Précommandez un 5 et financez ainsi son développement. Un téléphone entièrement libre sous / .

Pour ma part, j’ai passé commande !

Wondering how to use #GNU licenses on your project? Check out our how-to guide:
Guix, an outgrowth of #GNU, is proving to be an excellent solution for making scientific results reproducible: